ALSTAL Grupa Budowlana

ALSTAL Grupa Budowlana

We are a prestigious company with a stable market position and we have provided complex construction services since 1976. This means nearly four decades of unique experiences and a leading position in the public infrastructure market and in the commercial market.

ALSTAL operates in a complex way: starting from designing the object through engineering consultancy, execution and obtaining all mandatory permits.

The key element in the operational and strategic policy of our enterprise is our Client. Taking care of our Client's welfare and needs, ALSTAL divided its operations into the following basic branches:

  • General Construction - execution of contracts to build: shopping malls, hotels and apartment buildings, office buildings, industrial buildings, logistic centres, power industry buildings, buildings of public infrastructure etc.
  • Steel Halls and Structures
  • Infrastructure Construction, including road construction and civil engineering
  • Operation Maintenance Services
  • Concrete Production Plant

Our well-established and firm position in the in the public infrastructure market and in the commercial market has led to a dynamic development of our enterprise. The dynamic development of our company have been proved by the execution of the biggest projects.

Numerous contracts concluded in 2009 - 2012, including: construction of the Termy Malta

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