BIC Electric Norge

BIC Electric Norge

BIC Group was founded in Poland in 2004 as Baltic Industries & Consulting Ltd. (Sp. z o.o.). At that time, the company primarily offered electrical installation services in the Danish construction industry.  At our 10-year anniversary in 2014 BIC Group already employed more than 120 people in four companies. Our employees travel the world on projects in all different industries working onshore as well as offshore.

BIC Group now consists of BIC Electric with affiliated companies in Poland, Denmark and Norway and the Danish company Baltic Industries & Consulting.

BIC Group is an international technical service provider with a niche approach looking for large industrial corporations. The further away from home and the more complicated, the better.

With BIC Group as international subcontractor, our customers get an electrical and mechanical service provider who frees them from the hassle of paperwork, visas, transportation, accommodation etc. We allow our customers to scale their capacity up or down easily and smoothly, and to avoid the costs of recruiting or letting go of their own employees. We leave the procurement and engineering in the customer’s hands, while we handle the workmanship, which allows to optimize costs and improve competitiveness for both parties.

Working internationally requires knowledge of labor rules and regulations. We comply with all local labor market regulations, safety requirements and registrations as well as minimum salary rates in the countries where we work.

All our business is conducted in English. We are an international organization working across borders because we were born to do so.

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