Minutes of meeting General Assembly

July 7, 2019

Norwegian-Polish Chamber of Commerce (NPCC) on the 7th of June 2019 at 15.00 to 16.00.

Agenda for the meeting was presented and agreed, and Ewa Danela Burdon was elected to lead the meeting procedures, and Jørn Wad was elected to write the minutes of meeting.

Burdon oriented about the work of NPCC during the last 12 months, and then asked the economical trustee, Robert Laan to enter the floor. He oriented about the accounting and presented also the budget. Which is a bit more optimistic regarding the number of members than the one for 2018-2019.

The activity will basically be the same, organizing seminars and travel when needed to visit exhibitions and fairs to work for better contacts and possible business for the members.

Both accounting for last year and budget was agreed by acclamation.

After this it was time for the leader of the election committee, Hans Christian Faerden to enter the floor, thanking the board members whom has wanted to leave the board, and present the possible new members of the board of NPCC. All the candidates were elected by acclamation: There were no opposition candidates.

The ones leaving the board are: Katarzyna Ramberg, Novum Consulting AS, Paal Midtlien Danielsen, NILU and Toralv Follestad, the lawyers office Braekhus DA.

The new members are: Joern Wad, Streit Sagt, Pawel Rostkowski, NILU, Preben Kloevfjell, lawyers office Tveter og Kloevfjell AS, Lars-Kaare Legernes, and Mateusz Troszczynski, Vent Trade.

The new board of NPCC for 2019-2020 will be
: Chairman: Ewa Danela Burdon Members: Katarzyna Nowicka, Robert Laan, Damian Klimczak, Blazej Speichert, Ole Håkon Øyesvold, Dag Borgnes, Hans Christian Faerden, Joern Wad, Pawel Rostkowski, Preben Kloevfjell, Lars-Kåre Legernes and Mateusz Troszczynski. Zuzanna Bobryk will take care of Marketing & Communication.


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