NPCC Cross-Business Seminar and Pre-Christmas Party 2019

December 10, 2019

NPCC Cross-Business Seminar and Pre-Christmas Party took place last Friday at POLISH EMBASSY in Oslo.

Ewa Danela Burdon, President of NPCC welcomed all participants and Mrs. Iwona Woicka – Żuławska, Polish Ambassador to Norway officially opened the Seminar.

We had an opportunity to listen variety of presentations, find out more about Baltic Pipe Project, Norway Grants for Research and Innovation and how is it to be an employer in Norway. We got to know more Practical legal issues regarding EU/EEA companies doing business in Norway, Computational Methods in Risk Assessment of Advanced Materials and Benefit Corporations. Vent Trade – the NPCC member taught us about Healthy & energy efficient ventilation solutions, while Have a book – the NPCC member, showed how publishing market and customer needs changed recently.

Thank you to all speakers:

for good dose of information!

Before the party Ewa Danela Burdon, President of NPCC, CEO Perfect Connection, Chair of 3P invited us to “Cross-Cultural Appetizer”.

NPCC Traditional Pre-Christmas Party Mingling & Networking – with delicious food & drinks provided by Vitamat started straight after the Seminar. It was a great opportunity to talk, exchange contact, experience and wish Merry Christmas to each other.

NPCC main target is to network between Norwegian and Polish businesses. NPCC regularly holds meetings, business presentations and seminars in both nations on business topics. Please contact us if you are interested in organising an event together.

Special thanks to PGNiG, Advokatfirmaet Tveter og Kløvfjell and

3P- PROFESJONELL PROSJEKT PARTNER for supporting the event.

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