Technology for the future

January 11, 2020

Jørn Wad has recently visited Have a book, NPCC member and he talked to Artur Lewandowski, founder and owner. 

Technology for the future

by Jørn Wad

We have cooperated with Norwegian publishing houses for many years already, and know the business well. In-house we have people speaking Norwegian, and we know that our services are appreciated. Now we are presenting technology for the future.

Founder and owner Artur Lewandowski has established Have a book in the suburbs of Gdynia, and have already for years been a solid and positive power of help for Norwegian publishing houses. Now he wants to bring this a step further:

New technology


It seems to me that a lot of people in Norway have a lot to say to their fellow citizens, and we are providing the technology to do exactly that, he proclaims.

The customers have already taken to the company, which has resulted in 600 titles per year printed, and 78 happy customers.

– What is it exactly you provide for the most modern thinking of your customers?

– Our newest offer is transforming traditional media to their interactive form. This really gives a lot of possibilities of use, and we see now that more and more clients are discovering the benefit of this product, he informs.

This means that interactive maps, infographics, diagrams or educational games can be included into the interactive textbook. This happens with 100% compliance with the original.

– What kind of functionalities can interactive maps have?

– We can add to the original picture of a map enable/disable possibilities for selected layers using the legend. Further you have the possibility for native resolution zooming and additional functions on demand.

Multiple use


– What can this new technology be used for?

– It has multiple uses, for example interactive maps, interactive building plans, games based on texts, graphics, maps and so on. What makes us unique, is that we efficiently automate the publishing process. We have developed interdisciplinary competence ranging from traditional printing to the newest, up to date media. We work with technically advanced layouts, for example academia and educational materials as well as those of mathematics, medicine and legal nature.

– But you still print books as well?

– Yes, we work with well-known publishing houses like Gyldendal and Kommuneforlaget, for example. For them we do all traditional work, such as typesetting and layout beside the actual printing. Some of our projects have got very good reviews in the Norwegian newspapers and once received an award from the Norwegian organization Grafill. Now we see the demand for electronic books, and we meet it. Actually, we feel that the technology we offer will bring publishing houses and other interested parties one step further: We have made it possible to print your book and to publish it electronically at the same time. We can do this more efficiently than most, because we have an integrated organisation. In-house in a bigger publishing house, you would need multiple departments to work together, which would create difficulties in communication and so on. We have an integrated service with top qualified people who can do the work faster and more efficiently than ever before. So if you unite this with lower production costs, you get happy customers, Lewandowski says with a smile.


Image: Owner and founder Artur Lewandowski with one of his Norwegian speaking colleagues, Monika Wojna-Dzikowska.


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