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January 27, 2020
Jørn Wad has recently visited, NPCC member and he had a nice talk there. 
They are young, they are enthusiastic and even a bit idealistic at times. But who are they really? Journalists. Professionals who work every day to keep Poles informed about what is going on in Norway. The around 200,000 Poles living in Norway are their target group. But Norwegians should also read their work.

They are fully web based, and their main office is in Gdansk. Sometimes they travel to Norway if the news are important enough or for other reasons, says editor Natalia Szitenhelm to NPCC. She is also happy to inform readers of this web page that they are proud members of NPCC.




– We try to provide any information that we from a journalistic viewpoint feel will be interesting for a Pole living and working in Norway, or who is considering doing so. Over the years we have developed a real good contact with Poles in Norway, and we are following a lot of the media coverage there, as well as trying to provide our own perspective. Some of us have even worked in Norway, and this gives additional information that we can share with our readers, she explains.

-How big is your company, and for how long have you been active?

-We are a staff of approximately 30 people here now, and we have been active in the market for about 11 years. During this time we have managed to create a site which is very popular, and which attracts a lot of different people, both in Poland and in Norway. And I feel that Norwegians also have a lot to learn about our country and the possibility of hiring a high quality workforce from Poland and cooperate with top range companies.

-But it is said here and there that people are not being treated so nicely?

-It happens, and if we can, we write about it and expose it. But this is not so easy, as people are afraid to step forward because they might lose their jobs. What we HAVE done and will continue to do, is to cooperate with Norwegian journalists, to find out more about what is going on. No one should be treated badly, and we are also here to help people in that respect, she emphasizes.




-It is important to inform that we also have knowledge of different Norwegian companies, and we may be able to provide information and help people who need to get in touch with each other to accomplish that. If you go to our web page, you might be surprised how diverse we are when it comes to thematics, and may even find surprising solutions to whatever you are looking for. We have a practical focus, and I hope that we will attract even more Norwegian readers in the future.

-Will there be a lot to learn about possible cooperation for companies here too?

-For companies, I guess NPCC is a good place to start. But when it comes to people, both Poles and Norwegians will have a lot to gain from visiting our site from time to time. I am pretty sure that even our advertisers have something to tell our future readers, so do not hesitate, but visit us today, is her advice.

-And if someone wants to tell you something?

-Contact us! We are here to give out as much information as possible, and in the case of not-so-nice news, such as people being treated badly, we will keep the necessary client-journalist confidentiality. If people do not want to be exposed, we will make absolutely sure that it does not happen. But we are also here for the everyday news and information. You will find a lot of different information on our pages: Enjoy them, is her advice.

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