The City of Oslo announced a temporary building ban in the small house areas.

May 6, 2022

The deadline for submitting input to the temporary ban expired on 4 May.


Several are critical of the fact that the municipality set the deadline for having construction cases processed until the same day as the notice was sent out.


The building ban will apply until a new single-family house plan for Oslo has been adopted. The plan determines what is allowed to build, demolish, and change in the small house areas in the outer city.


The City Council hopes to have the new plan approved by the autumn of 2023, but it may take longer.

Many believes it is untenable that no one can say when the ban will be lifted and when craftsmen, mostly hired by small construction companies, can proceed with their assignments, and start working again.


The background for the new single-family house plan is that the city council believes that the current plan allows for too much development and densification at the expense of green areas.

Many believe that the ban is a disproportionately strong tool, which could have been resolved in other ways.





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