Our aim is to give your company engaged, positive and loyal employees. Increase energy levels and gain an organisational culture open for change and new ideas. Increased efficiency and improved profits.

Overall Objectives:

– Measurable reduction of employee turnover and sickness absence

– Identify the organisation’s ” Achilles Heel ”

– Uncover areas  of discontent, threats to strategic targets, obstacles to change

– Improve «mood & energy», loyalty and commitment among employees

– Preserve the momentum to implement the desired changes

Operational objectives:

– Rumours Management, informal communication: “hidden” life and «gray ares»

– Internal and external communications, reputation management

– Human due diligence: informal leaders, particular agendas, «unpolished diamonds»

– Diversity Management and bridge building

– Hidden potential and ways to recover it

Selected Clients : SKANSKA, Tetra Pak, EADS Casa, Grupo del Mondragon, PZL Okecie, Wrozamet, Norwegian National Investment Fund (SND), Innovation Norway, Abis, Grand Crue, Diakonhjemmet Hospital, Akershus University Hospital

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