Dentysta w Gdańsku

Dentist Agnieszka Nowińska – dental specialist, over 8 years of experience in dental industry.
Working in Trojmiasto Area, has a dream to create unique digital dental clinic with innovative services such as One Day Visit (ODV) services in the field of dentition restorations for elderly people correlated with a dedicated e-Dentistry platform, remote consultations and with the support of modern technology based on energy-efficient apparatus, CT scanners, 3D printing and modern techniques dental, shortening the procedure even to one day, which is a national innovation.
“Using Norway Grants, my dream of building next Dental-Tech Services that I want to adopt in competition.”COVID-19″ has made a big impact on Medical services, in Dentistry it did lowered income by 50% for all dental clinics. With Partnership from NPCC and it’s member Andrzej Piotrowski VikingOne To-Get-There, my aim is to help elder people have a good smile on their face. Allow them to have Video-Chat with every dental specialist, allow them to have best medical care online (before visit, after visit) using AI models.” – says Agnieszka.

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