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Poland is the 3rd fastest growing economy in Europe. For this reason, there is a strong increase in the wealth of society and the influx of foreign workers to the country. This, in turn, has a strong impact on real estate prices in Poland plus immensely increase of interest in acquiring properties, both new and after “make-overs”.  The deficit of properties is counted to over 2 million housing units!  The demand for housing and real estate is huge. That is why it is rather easy to sell properties already at a “hole in the ground” stage.  Inter Investors property development-partners build apartments & houses aimed at the middle class. The widest and the fastest growing social layer in Poland. The one who is “haunting after” the best buy at a very “hungry” and unsaturated market.
Inter Investors brings together investors who, in a safe and effective way, want to earn and generate their extra incomes and profits on passive investments in real estate at the Polish market place. Inter Investors deal in flipping; mostly in high-yield apartment turnover or/and small & quick-selling development projects in Poland. Our main areas of operations: Gdańsk, Wrocław and their vicinities. Both cities are fastest developing cities in Poland. Inter Investors has a good access to properties allowing smooth operations within so called flipping model. The entire transaction time from 1 to 4 months with 9 months as a maximum deadline for return on investment. Other property-development projects Inter Investors is involved in – with only well verified and reputable local partners – are settled within a maximum period of 2 years on investments return. If so wished Inter Investors may organize, for each and every investor, meetings with property-developers at the property’s sites in question. This for investor to know and see where hers or his money will be allocated in. In the carefully selected flipping and property-development projects, Inter Investors operate within the frames of a joint and passive investment model.  At the same time, we do our outmost to meet investors’ expectations and discuss with him more individual approach. The latter fitted to investors financial means and the size of investment she/he wish to allocate in Inter Investors projects.  Inter Investors offer the most competitive interest return!  Probably the highest at the market?   If you want to earn good money – in a passive, relaxed and secure way – on your savings or loans you are welcome to contact Inter Investors.  As a proud member of NPCC, Norwegian-Polish Chamber of Commerce, you might reach us by sending your inquiry to

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