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At LESS, we develop Industrial IoT solutions that, combined with AI, enable our clients to make better decisions. This enables our customers to increase their operational efficiency, cost reductions, higher quality products, and competitiveness by giving them comprehensive real-time information about their processes and operations.


LESS has offices in Argentina, Australia, and Poland and serves customers in Argentina, Australia, Chile, Peru, Poland, and Norway. In industries as Agriculture, Energy, Logistics, and Smart cities.


Automate the data collection process, generate alarms when something is not going as expected, create a baseline for different actions to take, save time, and improve the quality of the crops are just some of the advantages of LESS product lines for agriculture and environmental protection.


LESS has developed a suite of technologies for improving maintenance operations for power distribution and power generation companies for both renewable and non-renewable energy. These technologies will automate the data collection process, warn when something is wrong, and generate statistics that will help understand what decision to make for reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency.


LESS is continuously exploring ways to make logistics more efficient. Our products allow the user to know where the goods are located as well as their condition: from grain monitoring in ships to sugar cane transportation by trucks. Technology is about to change the limits of the possible in supply chain applications.


In the dynamic environment of today’s cities, it is more important than ever to monitor all the relevant variables in order to be able to predict incidents and increase the efficiency of municipal services. LESS provides a set of solutions that together bring the ability to have all systems function in a seamless and coordinated manner.

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