All SIMBA products have certificates issued by Europejskie Centrum Jakości i Promocji ECJiP ( European Center for Quality and Promotion) in respect of safety and compliance with applicable PN_EN 1176:2009 standards.

Additionally all products have the state accreditation of Polskiego Centrum Akredytacji PCA (Polish Center for Accreditation). PCA Accreditation is an objective proof of the highest quality of our devices. Due to the fact that the principles of accreditation are included in international standards and guidelines, it also certifies the recognition of our quality processes and competences in the production and sale process of the devices manufactured by the company, not only in Poland but also throughout the European Union.

The obtained certificates also confirm the material accuracy used in production of devices, which are either completely natural (wood) or with long-term “durability” and the possibility of reprocessing.

The company offers products for customers of all age groups, including particularly demanding customers – the youngest, seniors and the disabled.

In terms of the product offer for the youngest, the Company’s products are designed to shape the imagination and motor-sensory abilities, and for the disabled, to contribute to physical mobility improvement, taking into account the physical limitations of their users. The company, as a enterprise promoting a healthy lifestyle, also offers a number of exercise devices, which are being installed, among others in the so-called open activity zones.

With the needs of pets in mind, the company’s offer has been expanded to include obstacle courses for dogs – thanks to specially designed, safe devices, professional dog parks and off-leash enclosures are being created, as well as recreational areas which fulfill a social and integration function for the dog owners.

In recent years, Simba s.c. M. Ćwirzeń W. Gęsicki has completed about 8,000 investments, i.e. playgrounds and outdoor gyms throughout the country and abroad. The company boasts several thousand references issued by public investors – municipalities, schools, kindergartens, orphanages, and private ones – developers, housing cooperatives, hotels, restaurants and others.

The most important awards and certificates obtained:

  • Gazele Biznesu 2020 – 21st ranking of the nationwide daily Puls Biznesu for the most dynamically developing small and medium-sized enterprises;
  • Certificate Marka Lubelskie 2019 – Award of the Lubelskie Voivodeship Office, a registered trademark – Brand „Lubelskie” is awarded to companies whose products and services are distinquished by quality, innovation and are manufactured in the Lubelskie region with respect for the natural environment.
  • Award Produkt Roku 2020 (Product of the Year 2020) –City Pastel Play set, Lubdom Architecture and Design Construction Fair 2020;
  • Certificate Firma Godna Zaufania 2020 (Trustworthy Company 2020);
  • Honourable mention in the competition for the Cristal Brick „Dom 2019” („House 2019”) for the best construction investment on both sides of the eastern border of the EU in the Public Space Objects category (2019);

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