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Tara Media is promoting intercultural exchange trough art, knowledge and science. Tara Media is runned by Mrs. Aase-HIlde Brekke, visual artist, author, lecturer and independent researcher. Tara Media provides teachings in international art and theatre history, science about the relation between art/culture and health, inclusion for children and youngsters through art and culture projects. Brekke is working on a national level i Norway for different organisations and at Nord University, and are a highly recommend lecturer as well for business leaders in how to work with stress-reduction in order to improve your performance. Brekke has studied Buddhism and Tibetan Ritual Dances in Tibetan exile communities in India and met H.H. Dalai Lama during her studies. Recommendations from: Mindfulness stress-reduction for international leaders in Thussenkrupp, teaching and research assistant at  National center for Arts and Health(Nord University), science network Nordic Art and Health, etc.

Tara Media is a free member to NPCC, as a part of “Helping hand” initiative.


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