Vindu AS


Vindu AS


We are a supplier for Norwegian market and Scandinavian countries.

Our market – building and construction industry.

Our products – everything of the outer frame of the building.


1. Windows and doors of WOOD – PVC and ALUMINUM.
2. Roof windows in WOOD and PVC.

3. Glass racks in Stinles STEEL and ALUMINUM

4. Roofing, glass façade and roof systems and facade cladding systems, fronts, curtain wall louvres, skylights, balustrades and specific window joinery panels.

5. Outer doors in WOOD and STEEL and ALUMINUM

6. Garage doors for housing and industry.

7. Sunbreaker, pergola, sunscreen, blinds and terrace awnings

8. I-beams

Our niche is what´s the outside of the houses. Due to our experience in the construction industry we are an expert and we are able to advise and find optimal and the best solutions for our Clients. There are many pitfalls you can fall in the way. Sales of such products require a lot of professional knowledge of the person who handles the sale and will make the order at the factory. Our sellers know the terms and conditions for building legislation. One of our strengths is the maintenance-free of the products. (low-maintenance and persist longer aesthetic appearance).

Our motto is that a satisfied customer brings us 2 new customers!


We have reliable suppliers from Poland who have prepared their products for the Norwegian market.

We cooperate with:

Polish company: Terma, Okpol, BramTech, DrewTrans, The Dudek Capital Group I-beams, Selt Poland and Selt Norge. ML System SA

Norwegian company – Kominox.


What we are looking for:

  1. New client individual and companies
  2. New dealers (Polish and Norwegian companies)
  3. New idea of the natural and energy-saving houses


Our Mission We build Unity based on Human Values and we change the paradigm of using capital from finance to the capital of intellectual resources.

Our Goal Building trust, respect, cooperation, non-competition and sharing. A reliable solution provider for the construction sector in Norway with the possibility of cooperation with other Scandinavian countries. Building a sales network through dealers based on values and common success measured by customer satisfaction. Introducing and propagating new solutions supporting our planet Earth and its community.

Our ValueLove in action


It´s not important WHAT, but HOW we thinking.

No matter what is your job, it’s more important that you do your job with love, respect, grateful and worship.


We see the world through the window of human values.

Our business tagline is – Build a bright future. Bygg en lysere framtid


What is meaning for us:


  • Activity based on human values (truth, right conduct, non-violence, peace and Love)
  • Get profits based on the commonwealth economy (we would like to draw attention to the new economic model of the future based on the common good economy created by Christian Felber where the balance of the common good is measured by 5 values: human dignity, cooperation, ecology, social justice transparency. We would like to organize the meeting with Ch.F and his lecture in Norway in 2019 year.


  1. Care about our Earth and Universe


Concerning this idea, we are also finalizing the contract for a Distributor in Norway. We became a distributor of Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute and cooperate together with Dr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe project in Norway. We cooperate also with polish students of KFSSI, more information: . This project was named – One Planet, One Race, One Nation.

This is a powerful technology and fantastic idea to build better future and peace in the world.


We hope that our products and philosophy will meet the expectations of the Norwegian market.


Short information about the owners:


Marzanna Borowik

The owner and Director of Vindu AS. 20 years of experience in management and sales in Poland. From 1998 to 2012 as the Director of Electronic Banking, she was responsible for creating outsourcing of electronic banking in Poland – cooperation with 13 banks. Experience in management in the IT industry (Scala, Budimex-Soft, Support, Signity,)


Jan Willy Eriksen

Advisor and Mentor of Company – Norwegian man, fluently speaking in polish language, with 30 years of experience in the construction industry on the Norwegian market. Without him, this company would be not created.

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