How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) help small businesses?

March 3, 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all around us. When did you last use ‘autotype’ on your phone  or order an Uber or last trash your spam emails? Or when did you last use Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat? All these platforms and companies use AI in their products. Whether it’s to predict the demand for Ubers in your area or filter your emails to find spam, AI (in many different forms like Machine Learning or Deep Learning) is all around you.  Companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Apple are using AI. Here’s the thing – SMEs can use it too. Let’s see how!


1. Smarter Marketing


Marketing experts have long been using AI-based tools to step up their game. But the great thing is that you can too. It’s actually not that hard. Take, for example, email automation. This simple process uses AI to send customized messages when someone is absent for a long time or recently made a purchase. This way, you keep up communication with your customers without you being present. If you’re not yet using email marketing – it’s time to try it out. Google offers a wide variety of tools that can be integrated with your Gmail to make sure you’re staying in touch with your customer base and that your emails are effective (so they don’t end up in spam nor have delivery problems).



2. Be More Productive



AI is great when it comes to repetitive tasks. And those usually take up a huge chunk of our time during the day. By letting AI take care of  these tasks, we can focus on more important tasks and issues. A great example would be AI-based chatbots aiding customer service. Since most people come to your customer service with simple problems and demand quick answers, your team is flooded with lots of requests. An AI chatbotwill benefit both sides – customers will get a quicker response and your team will have more time to deal with more pressing cases. We’ve already explored the topic of AI in customer service before, check out the link if you’d like to know more.


3. Find Weak Spots


  Companies may hate to admit it, but sometimes their business processes are not working as well as  wished. Stepwise has the tools to help you. AI is a great tool for analysing your business and finding weak spots and areas that can be improved. Based on historical data, it can predict failures and disasters to help you be more prepared. It can analyze how effective your sales team is. With such information, you will be able to make the necessary adjustments.



4. Improve Customer Experience


Another area where AI can be really effective is customer experience. As you know, customer experience and customer satisfaction are tightly bound together and it’s customer experience that usually decides whether someone will come back to you or not. That’s why it’s important to constantly improve your customers’ experience with your business. Stepwise offers tools that can analyze your customer’s journey and behaviour to offer a more personalized experience, hence, a better experience.

If you think that AI can only be used by huge companies like Apple and Google with huge resources, think again. AI-based solutions are now very relevant for SMEs. Check out Stepwise’s custom-style AI solutions – contact us!

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