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Annual Turnover NOK Annual membership fee NOK
Individual membership 1 200,-
Up to 1 million 2 400,-
Over 1 to 5 million 3 500,-
Over 5 to 10 million 5 000,-
Over 10 to 25 million 8 000,-
Over 25 million 10 000,-

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    ★ I have read and accepted NPCC Articles of AssociationMarketing purposes of the NPCC and its activities, such as event invitations, newsletters etc.Transferring of my contact data (name, company e-mail, phone number) to other NPCC members for marketing purposes of these members.I wish to receive offers from other NPCC members.

    NPCC will be the administrator of my personal data. My company data will be processed depending on my consent given above. I am entitled to access to my company data, and to correct them, and that providing my company data is voluntary.