About NPCC

NPCC has the ambition to be the leading independent networking arena for Polish 🇵🇱 and Norwegian 🇳🇴 businesses, companies, and individuals interested in Norwegian-Polish trade, exchange of know-how, innovations, and ideas.


NPCC’s objective is to act as a catalyst for companies and entrepreneurs from both countries, to be a bridge and friendship builder!


NPCC is a unique venue for networking and support in finding the best ways and solutions for your business to succeed! Each and every member, no matter how big or small, will fit into our NPCC business family and is most appreciated. You are our GREATEST ASSET! BIG THANKS TO ALL CURRENT MEMBERS AND MEMBERS TO BE.


When you decide to become a member, please remember to be proactive in showing what you can and what you are capable of! We would love to promote your company, your knowledge, your experience, and field of expertise on our LinkedIn and website. If you have any questions to ask, ideas to share, feedback to give, please do not hesitate to get directly in touch with us. NPCC is always at your service.