About NPCC

The NPCC was established at the end of 2011 after an initiative from the Trade & Investment Promotion Section in the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Oslo. This initiative is being supported by a group of founding companies with Polish – Norwegian connections. The NPCC has the ambition to be the leading independent networking forum for the promotion of Polish – Norwegian trade. In this forum companies will be given the opportunity to meet business leaders from both countries. The forum has the objective to act as a catalyst for business and individuals who are actively working in the Polish – Norwegian markets. The NPCC plans to host meetings and conferences which will be a good venue for networking and information. Membership with the NPCC is open for companies and individuals aiming to develop their professional network between Poland and Norway. 

If you have any questions to ask, ideas to share, feedback to give… Please do not hesitate to get directly in touch with any of NPCC Board Members. We are always at your services, and are looking forward to hearing from you often!