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December 5, 2020

“NPCC wants to lend a helping hand to the Polish and Norwegian companies, and those industries and sectors that have suffered, and continue to suffer the most, because of the “COVID disaster” that struck our world”

Please read the letter of encouragement and intent of support, from the President and the Board Of The Norwegian-Polish Chamber Of Commerce, to all “lockdown” companies in Norway and Poland.




“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”.
Winston Churchill

If a disaster strikes your community you should reach out to your friends, neighbors, and even complete strangers.
“Lend a helping hand”, as my grandmother used to say.

But what should one do if the disaster, in this case “COVID-19”, strikes the whole world?
What can such a small non-profit organization like the Norwegian-Polish Chamber of Commerce do?

Can we make a difference? Can we contribute? Of course, we can! Anyone can!

But how?  Through one random act of kindness at a time, to quote Morgan Freeman.


Cinemas and other cultural institutions are closed and suffering, as are artists, museum workers, opera singers, ballet dancers… the list of professions and institutions slowly “bleeding out” because of lockdown, is long. Scarily long!


NPCC wants to lend a helping hand to the Polish and Norwegian companies, and those industries and sectors that have suffered, and continue to suffer the most, because of the “COVID disaster” that struck our world!
The business world!

To lend each other a helping hand when we’re falling is perhaps the only work that matters in the end, and it obviously matters now, particularly to:

1. Tourism industry (tourist guides including)
2. Hotels
3. Restaurants + Catering
4. Training centers and gyms
5. Sport Clubs
6. Event Organizers
7. Cinemas, Museums, Theatres and Artists
8. Transport companies


We would like to offer free membership to the Norwegian Polish-Chamber of Commerce to the organisations and companies, from the sectors mentioned above as well as to the individual professionals, during the time of pandemic and lockdown.


  1. Your logo, with an outline of your business and a link to your website will appear on the NPCC website after you register your membership. This is a short and easy process via , click: “Become a Member”, then fill out the short form and send! Done!
  2. Your company will be profiled at NPCC FB, LinkedIn and of course the NPCC website
  3. Materials submitted to NPCC, in English, will be taken care of and well-presented


It’s up to your creativity how you want use the tools, networks and arenas NPCC can offer you!


You can write articles, you can post pictures and films, you may share your knowledge, expertise, interests and know-how with others. There are many possibilities!  You could give us digital guides through your closed museum! You could stream your latest dance routines for us! Share your restaurant’s menu! Guide us virtually through the best rooms of your hotel! Talk about best wines you are going to sell, when the green light “for social drinking” will be on again!


As you should profile your business and your company as well and widely as you possibly can, being a member of NPCC can help, for no cost, and it can only be of benefit to you.

You cannot control everything that happens to you; however, you can control your attitude toward these things, and in that, you will be mastering the situation rather than allowing it to master you!


Become a member of the NPCC today, for free, and then say loudly to the world: I WILL be back!

I know that helping one person or one organisation, might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person, and one organisation. And if that will be an outcome of this “random act of kindness” I would be the happiest person and the proudest President of the most fantastic Board I am privileged to lead.


Kind Regards and Good Thoughts from the Board of NPCC, Norwegian-Polish Chamber of Commerce


NPCC President
Ewa Danela Burdon



Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash








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